Living and fulfilling a well-balanced life


Every investor has financial priorities, goals for themselves and their loved ones, and aspirations for a day when they graduate from their life's work to pursue new dreams and challenges.  Our work together begins when we understand and can articulate what is most important to our clients.   We put our best effort into giving them the freedom to live their best lives. 


We bring who we are to what we do. Our group is led by a husband and wife team of long-tenured and credentialed financial professionals who are deeply committed to clients and their families. Our values, beliefs, and training as former educators are integral to our business relationships. 


The Stutzmann - Moore Wealth Management Group is advisory-based.  We employ formal planning to lend statistical confidence to achieving goals and monitoring performance.   More importantly, we want our clients to feel nurtured, cared for, and understood.  People first, then their finances.